A little bit of WHY...

Basic Skills Gone Bye-Bye

1 in 3 teens going into college can't boil an egg.* 1 in 5 can't make toast.* 

YES, TOAST. 23% can't make a bed and 35%* of 18 year olds have NEVER. TOUCHED. A. VACUUM.
Where did we go wrong? Is it too late to fix it?

We don't think so! 

The minute someone says "Home Ec" or "Domestic Science" people tend to stop listening, but everyone knows that there are certain skills everyone needs to have to survive out there in the "real world". BASIC LIFE SKILLS- they're for EVERYONE! :

  • Basic Cooking aka "Grilled cheese, measuring cups, coffee and what a griddle is for"
  • Basic Grooming aka "There is such a thing as too much blush/cologne/gel/lipstick"
  • Basic Manners aka "How to impress other people and hopefully get a job one day"
  • Basic Sewing aka "Oh crap I just lost a button and have an interview in half hour"
  • Basic Automotive aka "Why yes, I can check my oil/change a tire/add wiper fluid."
  • Basic Homemaking aka "Hey you shouldn't use bleach on that" and "How not to turn your socks pink in the wash"

Our "Why"...

Parents work hard, and most homes have both parents working full time. I myself am a mother to four, working full time, and to be perfectly honest- some nights we are lucky to get anything actually made and on the table at all. I totally get it that the LAST thing parents want to do at the end of a long day is play home ec teacher to their kids in teaching them how to make a meal or which dusting spray to use on the furniture. It's easier to do it ourselves after they go to bed or to hire someone to do it. I'm guilty too.... which is part of my WHY in what I do.

We are now part of a society where teachers are swamped with testing and rubrics and standards, where home ec and shop class no longer exist. The Savvy Sparkplug is here to teach what schools can't and parents don't have time to in an entertaining and memorable way.  Approaching the material of "daily life" as a science and a social obligation, along with a little humor & rebellious edge, I believe that the youth of today will jump right in. Plus- kids are more apt to listen to someone other than their parents- especially when it comes to life stuff. Right? That's where we come in.

Gone are the days of blaming someone else for lack of knowledge, shrugging shoulders in response and entitlement. Our WHY is to rebel against the status quo by loving and guiding kids through these most basic of life skills to a place where they take ownership in the success and betterment of their own lives and spaces... gradually creating a better house, then neighborhood, then school, then town and eventually the world. That's right, this rockin' socialite is takin' over with a measuring cup, book of manners and ironing board!

How We Plan to Change it

The Savvy Sparkplug is here to teach basic life skills in a fun & funky way to all ages of kiddos and students in our community. When we say "Bygone Era Basics" we mean exactly that: basic skills that your mom and grandma taught you, that your dad and grandpa showed you how to do.  

When we say "Next Generation of Domestic Urban Rebels" we mean taking the current generation and showing them that knowing how to set the table, and make coffee and introduce yourself to a stranger and knowing how to respect yourself and your space is freaking awesome. Its literally rebellious to do the right thing. So let's do it. 

The Savvy Sparkplug is here to handle it. We are fearless enthusiasts of good manners and moxie, here to bring out the renegade independent spirit in kids as they learn that they are capable and can totally DO this stuff.  Having self-confidence in taking care of themselves and their space BEFORE they leave home is HUGE... and it starts here.

We have a social responsibility to this generation to raise the standard and watch them rise to the occasion in how they speak to one another, how they take care of themselves, and how they contribute to their own families and households. Hey- we could change the world!! Ok, ok, big thinking... but that's what we do here: we take your kids for an hour or so a week, go back in time to when having these life skills was commonplace, and instill a little positive and a little self-responsibility into how they live their lives. Then, we sit back and watch them ROCK IT!