Our Founder & Head Retro Rebel Rouser

Hayley Renae

Background Nostalgia

Hayley is a third generation Las Vegas native who came to Colorado when she was 28 to be a cowgirl (don't ask, it didn't work out). With a wildly varied life story that includes everything from beauty school to pawn shop window displays, planning special events at the Bellagio to roof-top hoola hooper at the Alaska State Fair, she's just about done it all and always has a story for you about some part of her crazy life to make you laugh.

Urban Education

This girl earned her BA degree in Special Education and Elementary Education and went on to get her MA in Education with a specialization in Instructional Design (say THAT three times fast in a row!). In regular-people-language that translates to a knack for working with just about anyone; addressing deficits and mapping out a plan for success for every student & client she works with. She briefly taught in the Poudre School District as well as in Greeley before figuring out that she's *just a tad* too outside the box for the traditional classroom. During weekdays you can find her coloring outside the lines teaching in the Homebound Program at Greeley-Evans School District. 

Your Grandma's Stuff

Since she was 14 or 15, Hayley has been a collector of all things vintage. Spending hours in the appliance section of a thrift store, hopping garage sales on Saturdays and going through your grandma's closet is where she is happiest. Going back in time to when things were a bit simpler and when manners were expected and chivalry was king is what she always dreamed of. Wearing dresses with a history one could only imagine, carrying purses that have traveled the country, even blowing her nose in an old man's hankie... that's our favorite girl and you can always count on her for a safety pin or the right size cast iron skillet. 

Casinos...Harley...Babies...Teacher... wait, WHAT?

After a life of events and education, living in the fast lane no longer appealed to Hayley or worked for her lifestyle. With four kids and a husband who has come to appreciate the crease in his pants she so lovingly makes sure is there, she needed something new. What does a special event planner with a Master's in education who loves Pyrex and irons pillowcases & boxers do with her life when the 9-5 isn't feeding her soul?
She opens a school for practical skills and manners, of course! Teach people how to iron and stay to the right!
She makes doing the right thing popular with kids and adults alike.
She turns what used to be boring home-ec into an all out rebellion of self sufficiency.

Truth be told, Hayley's mom did her laundry right up until she moved to Colorado, but like her mom, she had a passion for order & things in straight lines (not including her bedroom, dresser or bathroom, of course) and learned the hard way how to live on her own.  All this "adulting" has shown her the value of knowing how to do even basic things the right way and that teaching bygone era basics to the next generation of Domestic Urban Rebels is her calling. 

Planning for and opening The Savvy Sparkplug is a dream come true for this rockin' socialite and she can't wait for the opportunity to turn even the most mundane of grown-up responsibilities into a glamorous and renegade job that kids can learn and hold on to starting at any age.