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The Savvy Sparkplug

Teaching Bygone Era Basics to the Next Generation of Urban Domestic Rebels

Don't see a class under SCHEDULE that works for you? We do custom classes for small groups of 2 or more- just ask!

Routine Rebels

Real Life Skills

The Savvy Sparkplug is here to teach basic life skills classes to Northern Colorado in a fun & funky way to kids of all ages. When we say "Bygone Era Basics" we mean exactly that: basic skills that your mom and grandma taught you, that your dad and grandpa showed you how to do. We take your kids for a few hours, go back in time to when having these life skills were commonplace, and instill a little positive and a little self-responsibility into how they live their lives. Then, we sit back and watch them ROCK IT! 

Why this? Why now?

I'm a mother to four, working full time, and to be perfectly honest- some nights we are lucky to have clean hands and any food on the table at all. I totally get it that the LAST thing parents want to do at the end of a long day is play home ec teacher to their kids in teaching them how to make their bed, how to add windshield wiper fluid or how to properly vacuum the floor. It's easier to just do it ourselves after they go to bed or to hire someone to do it. I'm guilty too.... which is part of my WHY I do what I do.

Gettin' It Done

The Savvy Sparkplug is here to handle it. We are fearless enthusiasts of aprons, old cars & moxie- here to bring out the renegade independent spirit in kids learning that they are capable & can totally do this stuff. Children having self-confidence in taking care of themselves & their space BEFORE they leave home is HUGE and it starts here. By teaching a customized curriculum in a non-classroom setting, we think that kids will absorb and retain these skills. Sit back, relax & prepare to be amazed by the next generation of Domestic Urban Rebels.  


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We are conveniently located in downtown Loveland, Colorado and teach classes across the Front Range. Let us know if there's a class you'd like to see in your home or community as we are happy to customize any class to fit your family's needs and do make home visits!

The Savvy Sparkplug

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